The Balancing Act- School Demands and Organizational Demands

Posted on: October 18, 2011

Sometimes it seems like every professor thinks they’re my one and only. They want me to do an in-depth analysis of entire books, prepare myself for these exams, and edit my peers’ assignments, all by next week! They have no idea that outside of the classroom, I have other commitments that I need to set aside time for; like being a part of the ASAO Executive Board. For me, ASAO is the assignment that never ends; each week we meet to discuss and brainstorm ideas to make the group better and better. However, after these meetings, it’s up to us to execute the delegated tasks to make our ideas a reality.

After classes and ASAO, my agenda book goes from being bare to overflowing with assignments and tasks I would otherwise never remember. I constantly check my agenda so that throughout the day, I can use my time wisely to chip away at what needs to be done. When it feels like I’m drowning in the responsibilities I have, it also helps to think about the reason why I’m doing this. Making a significant impact on campus and excelling academically are my two goals, and I’ll do anything I can in order to reach them. Being a student leader leaves no room for excuses or shying away from what’s expected of you, and applying some self-discipline, utilizing organizational skills, and keeping the end goal in mind are the things that keep me on track.


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