Skill Building for Your Undergraduate Student Organization

Posted on: October 28, 2011

As a student leader here on campus I have developed a set of skills that I believe make me an effective leader. The most important of these skills I feel would be communication. We use our communication skills every day in interactions we have with others. How good we are at communicating determines the course of our actions, especially if we are trying to relay a specific message or complete a certain goal or task.
Just imagine a situation where you are in any position of authority, what happens if you are ineffective at communicating what you want to those around you? Nothing. Which is why it is imperative that in order for your organization to succeed you and all of the members need to communicate well. The following are some tips that will help improve communication should you experience difficulties:

If you are in an officer role within your student organization Listen to yourself. If you cannot understand the tasks you are delegating then how do you expect your members to comprehend?
If you are given a task and don’t understand your responsibilities Ask for clarification. You will get nowhere if you can’t ask for help. There is no such thing as a dumb question.
If you have delegated responsibilities to another officer or a member and haven’t seen much progress Follow up with this person. We are all extremely busy between classes and work for those students who have a job. It is quite simple for someone to forget about tasks if they have three midterms and two essays. If this becomes a constant however, well that is a different kind of conversation you need to have with this member.
Should there be a breakdown in communication then be prepared to listen and to give Feedback. This feedback should always be constructive in nature and only give it when the person is in a receptive state, because if they are not receptive then they’re not going to listen to you. Also, you should always be prepared to receive feedback as well. The more we work together the better our organization will be.

I now leave you with these pieces of advice. I hope that they help you with any endeavors that you may have within your student organization, as well as any troubles that occur outside of the organization


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