The Final Countdown to Event Day

Posted on: November 1, 2011

For the VPAC (Visual & Performing Arts Center) the final week prior to an event is intended to be a week for heavy promotion and last minute minor adjustments. During this week we focus primarily on group promotions, in collaboration with MEISA (Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association) and on ensuring that all the minor details have been attended to. VPAC typically hosts an event every Thursday night in Fox Common, so the bulk of the last week preparation begins on Monday and is executed or delegated by Tuesday night. Given the frequent nature of our events, sometimes the week leading up to an event includes more last minute preparation than we would hope for and may vary on the type and location of the event. Most of our events are in Fox Common so I will focus on our typical model of the week before these events.

Some of the final preparations consist of assigning members to a job or a task leading up to and during the Thursday night show. Members are assigned to specific tasks such as: Running audio equipment during the live show, running the light show, helping bands load in and load out equipment before and after the show, breaking down and setting up the stage between sets, executing online promotions before the show, carrying out promotional campaigns on campus with promotional materials and occasionally making announcements at large student gatherings.

Some additional last week preparation consists of details such as: Securing parking for bands, tending to any specific needs of an artist’s contract, confirming any back-lining that may be set between the performing bands, collaborating with WUML for radio promotion and live interviews, collaborating with other student organizations and inviting them to set up tables at our event to promote their organization and finally, confirming police details.

The most successful week leading up to an event includes only very minor details to be addressed. What happens before the week of the event always determines what must be done during the last week. The preparation that takes place before this final week is key to avoid scrambling to finalize paperwork and promote the event. The events that are given the most preparation are always executed successfully and with a high degree of confidence.


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